Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2, 2009 update

Zach is home now and we are glad to have him here, I am just not a fan of packing his wound..... yuck..... it looks like he has a big hole in his stomach. We have decided to move updates to Zach's or my Facebook pages.... it gives a little more privacy and I finally feel like we are at the end of this for awhile....(crossing my fingers)

Monday, June 29, 2009

June 28,2009 update

Zach is still in the hospital and will be there for another couple of days. He is not showing any signs of infection which is what they have been concerned with.

I have been impressed with Zach. Yesterday was the first he was able to eat again since Monday 06/22/2009, and he has not complained (much)....... He has been through so much over the last six months much more than someone should at the age of 17.

Watching the other kids with him has been very impressive as well. Siblings don't always get along, but they hate being away from him as much as I do. They enjoy just sitting with him in the hospital.

As soon as he gets the okay to leave the hospital I will let everyone know.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Zach's latest surgery

Zach had his surgery on Tuesday. He went in at 8:30 and got out at 1:30. They did the ileostomy takedown surgery first. That one is considered a "dirty surgery" because it involves the bowels, then they cleaned him up completely and the re-prepped him for the hernia repair and the scar revision. Dr Granger, Zach's trauma surgeon and Dr Fryer, Zach's plastic surgeon came out and advised that he did well and the plastic surgeon said……"Dr Granger did all of the work….. I just made him pretty". Zach isn't sure how pretty the scar is. It's still a twelve inch scar, but we cheerfully point out to him that at least it no longer looks like he has a bum on his stomach.

He has not been able to eat since Monday and they won't allow him to until things start working their way out (he has to poop). We watched tv last night and Zach has become painfully aware of how many commercials are about food. We are crossing our fingers that today will be the day.

I will keep everyone aware of any changes and when he is expected to be released from the hospital. We are hopeful that this will be his last surgery for a while. He does have to meet with the orthopedic surgeon because his hip is causing him quite a bit of pain.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weekly Update 03/24/2009

Zachary is recoving well from his injuries. We only have to look back at the pictures and the scenarios that were played for us to again realize that it is a miracle that he is doing as well as he is. He is walking or shuffling as best he can and does not use the walker as much as he probably should but he never has been one to be bound by restraints.

He keeps asking when he can drive and I am just too reluctant to let him. We just got him put back together again and we are all still reeling from the shock of the event.

Last Sunday we were at the hospital for Greg. His heart was acting up and I cannot help but think that this event has been a catalyst to his condition. We're all a little shell-shocked.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekly Update 03/11/2009

We met with Zachary's surgeons today and he can now walk using a walker. He is so excited. In 4 weeks we will go back in to see if he can move to crutches.

Then we met with his trauma surgeon to discuss when he can be rid of the ileostomy. We will need to go back to see him in May but we are looking at the beginning of June for him to have that taken down. They will also do a second surgery to re-form his scar on his abdomen.

Zach also asked if it was okay for him to drive. The doctor told him he would need to make sure that all of his reflexes are at 100% so it will be awhile before he will be able to....Thank you doctor.

So we are getting rid of a couple more things that he "brought" home with him from the hospital. We are getting rid of his bed in the family room and also getting rid of his wheelchair. Just a few more things and then we will be back to normal.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Weekly Update 03/06/2009

Zachary no longer has to wear any dressings on his wound as it is closed up completely. It's not pretty, but he is glad he can take a shower without having to keep it covered up. We did not have any dr appointments this week but I cannot say that it has been quiet or returned to normal..... after all, "What is normal?"

I have returned to work three days a week, much to Zachary's chagrin. He does not like it when I leave him. We have different people to come in and sit with him while I am gone or until the other kids get home from school.

As you may have already determined, Zachary is quite tenacious and he does not take being limited by any situation easily. This week we have taken him out for rides in the car instead of the van that has the wheelchair lift. This has given him the opportunity to ride up front and confront some of his fears about being in the car. It has also put it in his head that if he can get in the passenger seat without any problem he should be able to get in the driver's seat without any problem as well. I came home from work last night and he announce to me that he was going to Wal-Mart. When I realized that he meant that he was going to drive. way Zach!!!! It took a very long conversation to convince him that it was not going to happen

Next week we have his follow-up with his surgeons. He will find out how much longer he has to have his ileostomy. That has probably been the most humiliating and frustrating part of all of this. He handles it well but when he and I are alone he often comments on how much he hates it. We also follow up with his orthopedic surgeon to find out if he can start weight bearing activity and start his physical therapy. So we will have to wait and see.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Update

We had a very interesting night last night. Zach had a sudden acute pain in his left thigh and so we had to take him to the emergency room to check for a bloodclot. We are happy to report that he does not appear to have one.... but we will be following up with the doctors today.

The interesting part was the doctor that he saw in the er. He actually was the first doctor that saw him on the night of the accident. As he started the exam last night and was going over Zach's medical history.... he said, "I remember you, you were the kid with the colon in your chest." He told Zachary about that night. How he came in and looked pretty good from the outside, not alot of outward trauma in fact he came in as a code trauma level 2, he had a couple of lacerations and such..... the doctor said it was his color and the fact that he did not have capillary refill in his extremeties that they made them concerned. They were pretty sure that he was bleeding internally and so they did an ultrasound which surprisingly did not show any bleeding..... they also did a chest x-ray and that is when they saw that all of his organs had been shoved into his chest cavity.... they decided to take him to get a ct scan, they got through the head and part of the chest when his blood pressure dropped and the trauma surgeon said that they were going to stop the ct scan and they took him to the operating room. So from the time he came in to the er to the time he ended up in the or was 35 mins.

We are once again reminded of how amazed and grateful that we are to the Emergency Room and Trauma team staff for the care that they provided to him. We are grateful for the instincts that they heeded, we cannot ever thank them enough.

We also have been getting the detailed bills concerning his care.... the amount of entries for January 1st is enormous and really gives us an feel for how chaotic that day was. The final total of 52 units of blood and plasma that he used.